Letters From A Caregiver

From The Heart Of One Caregiver To The Hearts Of All

Welcome to Letters From a Caregiver

Dan is a real person in my life. He’s been a friend for over ten years. He is single, retired now and living in the home where his mother raised him and his siblings. For the past couple of decades he has “shared” his mom with his sister in Florida, 6 months out of the year. Even though she is currently 98 years old, she is still able to do many things for herself and is only recently having difficulty with her memory to the extent that one would notice.

Dan started writing me these letters  to encourage me and give me ideas for writing articles for other caregivers. For a long time I have written off and on for local newspapers and other publications, but lately my business of helping caregivers has become more time consuming and the time I can spare for writing articles is sparse. Therefore, Dan has given me permission to publish these letters as written, from the heart of one caregiver to the hearts of all.